DOTS stands for Data Optimised Talent Solutions. The purpose of D.O.T.S is to find qualifying candidates through a filtering system using relevant data. D.O.T.S was created by Pro Tem Recruitment in order to find the most suitable candidate in the shortest possible time.

Three years ago Pro Tem moved into the Recruitment Process Outsourcing market. This required our consultants to be based fulltime onsite at our client sites performing recruitment for a variety of positions ranging from administrative to highly specialised. Working as internal recruitment confirmed our experience as agency recruiters. Sifting through hundreds of CV’s of unqualified candidates is a problem faced by all recruiters. 

To illustrate the problem by way of example. One of our positions we had advertised attracted 2576 applicants, of which 57 turned out to meet the minimum requirements. Reading 2519 CV’s of people that don’t meet the minimum requirements, what a waste of time and energy. There HAD to be a better way to identify qualifying candidates. This is where D.O.T.S was born.

 The fundamental problem with traditional recruitment processes is that recruiters get what candidates think you need in the form of a CV, i.e. unstructured data. Pro tem developed dots to facilitate an application process where candidate’s supplies relevant information needed to evaluate the candidates in a structured online application process.

How is this possible you may ask?

Like all good solutions, it’s simple really! We developed an online application system that allows the user to create qualifying questions for each position. Every job specification has specific requirements that candidates are expected to have in order to be successful in that position. We create qualifying questions in the DOTS platform that requires candidates to provide specific answers which can be weighted to score candidates. Weighted you ask?  Weighting is a process used to scientifically identify the stronger candidate, for example a post graduate candidate may score 10 point s and a graduate candidate 5 points. These weighted questions can be applied to any number characteristics such as years’ experience, preferred industry exposure, marks obtained for a degree or even a subject. DOTS calculate a score for each candidate based on the responses and the candidates are ranked accordingly. All that remains for the recruiter to do is to review the required number of qualifying candidates.

In Summary a short overview of DOTS:

1.       What is the purpose of D.O.T.S?

To find the most suitable candidate, in the shortest time, at the lowest cost possible.    

2.       Who is D.O.T.S targeting?

South Africa has an incredibly diverse business world. This is suitable for both large corporates and smaller start up SME’s, as it is affordable and can be used for both ongoing and project recruitment needs.     

3.       How is D.O.T.S different from other recruitment software?

D.O.T.S is unique in that the application forms are fully customizable for each position, get what you want from candidates not pages of unstructured text.

DOTS can work independently or work in conjunction with existing talent management software.

4.       What is D.O.T.S USP?

The burden of sifting through a CV is not only time consuming but it in some cases things are missed. This application allows for the company to ask pointed, direct and even technical questions that filter the candidates out according to predefined criteria. In essence, we are getting the candidates to structure their responses EXACTLY according to your requirements resulting in less work and better candidate assessment process.

5.       Integrity of the candidate selection process?

There has been numerous reports recently of candidates being appointed that do not meet the criteria or that do not even have the qualifications they claimed to have. How does this happen? By interference in the candidate selection process. The D.O.T.S system offers an independent secure platform that will rank the candidates based only on the responses to ensure a fair process. 

An added benefit is because only the suitable candidates are identified quickly and efficiently there is a lot more time (and money) available to verify the credentials of the short listed candidates. In short, no nasty and embarrassing surprises after a candidate is appointed.

6.       What are the additional benefits of D.O.T.S?

Cost savings, faster turnaround times and accurate candidate fits are just a few of the benefits. The data that we collect is in a structured manner which enables us to provide value added benefits. An example is when applicants that meet the criteria for an organizations talent pool can be identified even if they are not suitable for a specific position.

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